Top 6 things to do in Oslo

1. Visit The Opera House

Climb the Opera House and get amazing views from the top

The Opera House is beautiful and when you are at the top you can take amazing photos of Oslo

I would really recommend to visit The Opera House if you ever find yourself in Oslo

2. Visit The Kings Palace

The King's Palace. It is also easy to get there via Metro.

And the palace is very beautiful and you can also see the King's Guard

3. Stortinget


Stortinget. It's a beautiful building and it is not so far away from The king's palace

Like the king's palace it is easy to to take the metro there

4. Aker Brygge

Aker Brygge

Aker brygge is a very beautiful District and it's where rich pepole live

and it's not so far away from oslo city

In Aker brygge you can find fancy resturants and expensive shops

5. Frognerparken


Forgnerparken is a beautiful park with many sculptures

Forgnerparken got more than 200 sculptures

This is a really cool place and I would really recommend you to visit the place

6. Tjuvholmen


Tjuvholmen is not what you expect

It is a beautiful place with high buldings almost like skyscraper

You can get amazing views at Oslo from Tjuvholem it is very a very Beautiful place and i would Recommend you to visit the place

Oslo is a very beautiful city

There are much more things to do in Oslo than the things i said in this Blogpost

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